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Google UPDATE for Dentists: New Google Places Layout and How it Affects Dental Marketing

I promised to show you today one change THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED and is currently live, that shows Google intends to give LOCAL listings and Google Place pages MUCH greater visibility and more real estate on the home page. I’ll illustrate the differences with screen shots from 2 of my Dentists I recently got top rankings for. If you are a Dentist that spends time at the DT forum, you know these two Drs. well!

Google Radically Changing the Dental SEO Game with NEW Google Places Layout?

This could DRAMATICALLY change the Dental SEO game, LOCAL listings are 3 times bigger, push organic rankings WAY down and make LOCAL Google Places, an even more of important place for Dentists to be!

Dentist Horror Story about Why he Lost his Top Google Local Listing

Here is a real life horror story from a Dentist that was #1 on Google local and was getting LOTS of new patients. Then they toppled to 7th place and felt a big impact in the drop off of new patient calls and clicks to their main website. Here’s what happened, so you don’t let it happen to your practice.

Dentists: New Google TAGs $25 Ad Option for Google Places Local Dental Listings

Dentists have a hot new ad option from Google and it only costs $25 a month! Google TAGS make your local Google Places listing on Google Local Maps stand out from your competition and can be used to highlight a particular aspect of your practice such as videos, coupons or your website.

Dental Internet Marketing Video about Google Places, Previously Called Google Local

If you are interested in attracting more new patients from the Internet, the short video below from Google is invaluable! It’s only about a minute long, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you’d be doing your practice a favor to watch it. Then see cosmetic Dentist example below.

Why Dentists need to CLAIM and DoubleCheck Google Places Page and Local Listing TODAY

HOWEVER Google Places is full of bugs, hijacking, fraud and other security problems, so if you haven’t yet you REALLY need to claim your listing which provides partial protection – but it does not by any means provide full protection so you really need to monitor your listing at least weekly.

Dental Search Engine Optimization – Top Google Rankings for Dentists

Dentists don’t really understand that there are many different factors that fall into place when determining where a dental website ranks in the Google search engine results. When you are wondering why your site doesn’t rank well, it is not always just the obvious reasons that are holding it back.

Google Places Optimization for Dentists

Catalyst knows how to get your Dental Practice on top! We just took a Chiropractor in a highly competitive city from #44 to #1 in less than a week. Contact us for a free consultation to see if we can help your practice too!

Beginner Basics – Online Marketing for Dentists

“How can the Internet lead you to success in dentist marketing?”;“What makes it fit to be a winning factor in dentist marketing?”. Answers to these questions will be provided to you in this article.

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