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FAKE Patient Review Spam – Dentists Don’t Stoop to This Level for Google Places Rankings

I’m going to “OUT” some Dentists that are buying fake reviews today. (See links and screen shots below) And if you are a Dentist, I’ll show you how easy it is to figure out if reviews are fake. Hopefully you don’t have any dishonest unethical Dentists in your market, but if you do – I’ll tell you how to report them to Google.

Google Places Optimization for Dentists and Dental Local SEO Marketing – Content Moved

Sorry I have not been updating the Dental marketing blog recently because all the important Google Places and Local SEO news gets updated on my MAIN Blog. Please visit the Google Places Optimization Blog to stay on top of all the recent Google Places and local SEO changes that affect the Dental industry.

Dentists – Easy New Google Places and Organic SEO Rank Tracking Software

FINALLY a great solution for tracking Google Places ranking results. Also checks Bing Local, Yahoo Local AND your organic rankings PLUS 3rd party directories like Yelp. CLICK to see a FULL SIZE DENTIST Google Places RANKING REPORT for one of my clients.

Google Places Updates and News for Dentists

There is SO much news about Google Places that I have been unable to keep this Dental blog updated. Please start reading and subscribe to my MAIN Google Places blog to keep up with the ever-changing world of local marketing and Google Places.

Google Places for Dentists – List of MAJOR Google Places Problems and Bugs

Dentists have no idea how buggy Google Places is! Where are the resources to make the CORE service, the FOUNDATION of it all – Google Places work? My feeling is that there are SO many problems right now that they are CRIPPLED! How long can they let these serious technical issues build up and multiply?

Google Places for Dentists – Get More Patient Reviews – FREE Tool

Dentists: Want more patient reviews to help build your Google Places rankings AND to help boost click-throughs and conversions? Sure you do! Potential new patients who are searching for YOUR specific services are often judging you by your reviews, or lack there-of.

Dentists: Critical Changes to Google Places Guidelines

Why is this post so important? Because when Google makes changes to the Google Places Guidelines, however subtle they may be – it is almost always a precursor to a coming algo change that could result in your account being rejected. ALMOST EVERY GOOGLE PLACE PAGE I’ve ever seen is now breaking the rules.

Dentists – Have you Lost Patient Reviews and Google Places Ranking?

For the past month Google has made numerous updates to their review process and TONs small businesses, including Dentists, have lost reviews and ranking as a result. Partly it’s just the Google ongoing review bugs but largely right now, it’s due to a new review spam algorithm that is killing honest reviews as false positives.

New Google Place Search Shaking up Google Rankings for Dentists

There is a BIG window of opportunity here for those that understand what the change means. Everyone that’s ranking on top right now in the new localMerge format, just got lucky and happened to do several things right, but most don’t understand how they got there. Therefore they don’t know how to move up or how to STAY on top. On the FLIP side there are a bunch of companies that HAD high

Google Places Map Rankings for Dentists – Big Changes for Dental SEO

WOWSER! So in a quick nutshell, the map is on the right and scrolls down the page with you. The Google Places (local map) listings are much bigger and are like a combined local and organic ranking. The big difference is that local listings that are driven by Place pages and the LOCAL ranking algo are MUCH more prominent and organic rankings are pushed way down the page.