My name is Linda Buquet and I am an Internet Marketing Consultant, specializing in LOCAL search optimization for the Dental industry.

I have a strong background in the Dental field as a CE accredited speaker, Dental practice management consultant, and was author of the book “Harness the Power of the Intraoral Camera” which was ranked one of the top 6 Dental products of the year by Gordon Christensen back in 1996. You may have attended one of the seminars I’ve conducted nationally about “How to Build your Practice with High Technology“.

Additionally I was Director of R&D and Western National Sales Manager for New Image, a company that years ago was the leader in Dental intraoral cameras and was also in sales at Kreativ (air abrasion and Dental lasers) and Insight Imaging (intraoral cameras, cosmetic imaging and digital Xrays).

I have training as a practice management consultant, so I understand how Dental practices run and understand the challenges many Dentists face with marketing issues. I also understand patient psychology and copywriting for Dental offices. Combine that with my 11 years of Internet marketing experience, creating successful ad campaigns for companies as large as Microsoft and Google – and I think you’ll agree – there are few Internet Marketing consultants as well qualified to help you build your Dental practice on the Internet.

~ New Patient Acquisition ~ Laser Targeted Local Internet Marketing ~ More Revenue ~


Howard ‎- #1 Google Maps Expert Out There I am Howard G. and I am a dentist with a private practice. I have always had good organic results on Google but noticed when Maps started, that I had nothing. I started reading Linda’s advice on our Dental forum and realized that she really knew her stuff!! I was also impressed with her professional and non confrontational manner of posting. It was a no brainer for me to hire her to get my website improved for Google Maps. The results as I expected are fantastic. Thanks so much Linda!!!

DotSims – Great Results I am a private practice dentist operating a FFS practice in a competitive area. Once Linda got my Google maps listing straight the phone started to ring. Literally I had 4 new patients the very first month of her starting to work on the listing. Linda has been very responsive on email and is quick to turn around work!

Gil ‎- Linda has In-Depth Knowledge about Local Search and SEO I am the Business Manager of our dental office in Bellevue. WA. I started reading Linda’s blog at CatalysteMarketing and found it very informative. After reading everything on her blog, I contacted her regarding our dental office and our website rankings. We had been number 1 on both the Local and in the organic search for a long time. Suddenly we dropped in the Local search for our various search terms. My web people put their local expert on the problem and told me part of the problem . But after talking with Linda, I realized she had knowledge at a much higher level. She pointed out that part of my listing had been hijacked. In addition to our dental reviews getting split into three parts due to inconsistent addresses at unverified sites, so had our “Citations” been split and hijacked. No one had ever mentioned either hijacked or citations to me before. Linda gave me a lot of very useful information. She has our dental office story posted on her blog now. Because my web people had begun to work on the problem, she thought it best, both ethically and tactically, that I not hire her at this point in time, as it might confuse the matter worse. However, if my web people do not get the problem resolved, I will definitely be using her paid services in the future. I can only restate how positively impressed I am with her knowledge. Dr Gil

William – High quality expert I am the Marketing Director for Dental Practice in Prescott Arkansas. Our office has been in business for thirty years. Our entry into the cyber world hasn’t been easy. The Doctor and I were concerned and confused about the Practice’s search engine rankings and needed expert help. Luckily we found Catalyst eMarketing. Right from the start we understood how fortunate we were to find Linda. She explained why we were not getting the best out of web marketing and most importantly what we need to do to change it. Linda has great knowledge. She is very detail oriented and a pleasure to work with. She is a true expert! We are happy to be her clients. If you are having trouble with your web site ranking, Linda is the one to turn to. Linda, you have our thanks many times over.

Pearl Dental Care – Linda has provided excellent support for our dental office. She truly is a Google Places specialist with tremendous amounts of experience dealing with duplicates and places rankings. Linda has helped our office deal with duplicates that were outranking our primary listing. Thanks again!


Is your Dental practice near the top of Google Local where new new patients can find you? If not, we can help! We’ve been helping companies leverage the power of the Internet since 2000 and have a strong background in Dental marketing consulting. More consumers are searching Google Local every day to find local services, including a new Dentist. If you aren’t on top, they’ll only see the Dentists who are! We’ll put you on the map!