I’ve done traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for over 10 years, however now my Internet Marketing practice specializes in LOCAL Internet marketing, which I think is much more important for Dentists these days than regular SEO.

LOCAL SEO gets you into a higher more visible placement than the organic search results provide. See great Cosmetic Dentist LOCAL Google placement here. Getting to the top of Google maps, gets you at the very TOP of the 1st page of Google for your keywords in your local market, where new patients can find you.

PLUS Local search marketing can get you to the top of Google faster and at lower cost than traditional organic SEO.

Having said all that, traditional search engine optimization is still important and having a good organic ranking can even help to boost your local ranking. Here is a great article that covers the specific ranking factors needed to get on top in Google.

Top Ten Google SEO Ranking Factors for Dentists

Dentists don’t really understand that there are many different factors that fall into place when determining where a dental website ranks in the Google search engine results. When you are wondering why your site doesn’t rank well, it is not always just the obvious reasons that are holding it back.

Over the past years by reading Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, Google SEO Starter Guide, many other industry blogs and by actually doing professional SEO and internet marketing since the late 1990’s, I have gathered data and come to a boiled down short list of the most important Google search engine ranking factors.

Here is the list of my top 10 of important Google SEO ranking factors to consider:

If your practice isn’t at the very top of the 1st page of Google for Dentist or Cosmetic Dentist in your local market, we can help. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Always happy to help!