Yesterday I blogged about a drastic change in Google search results layout that they are currently testing that could make LOCAL listings much more important and push organic rankings further down the page.

I promised to show you today one change THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED and is currently live, that shows Google intends to give LOCAL listings and Google Place pages MUCH greater visibility and more real estate on the home page.

I’ll illustrate the differences with screen shots from 2 of my Dentists I recently got top rankings for. If you are a Dentist that spends time at the DT forum, you know these two Drs. well! :-)

1st up, Dr. Howard Goldstein. This image illustrates the CURRENT Google layout you are used to seeing.

7 LOCAL listings next to the map :: Name linked to website :: 2 lines per listing

Note: I just started working with Howard a couple weeks ago and already got him 7 Page ONE rankings – and I’m just getting started!

Plus see other major differences as noted below.

Note: I only worked on Chip’s account for one day to fix a couple things really quick for him. Now he’s on my waiting list, so won’t be starting the rest of his optimization for about a week. But already got him numerous top rankings!

RE: The new layout – I just I documented it all right on the image, but here it is explained in a little greater detail in plain text, in case anyone has images turned off.

The red bracket is all ONE BIG LOCAL listing! It’s called a ONE PACK or ONE BOX and they are hard to get! And the obvious benefit is Chip has the listing all to himself so he’s not competing in that top space with 6 other Drs. Sometimes I get my Drs. a 2 PACK or 3 PACK listings as well. But those are still the OLD layout, as you see in Howard’s screenshot.

The differences in the NEW Google one box layout include:

1) No link to web site

2) Only a link to the Place page (so be sure yours is claimed and optimized as more patients will be seeing it.

3) HUGE listing, 11 lines. Almost as big as the 7 PACK filled with 7 Dr. listings

4) Lots more info including full address, phone, hours, directions link and more space for showing a snippet of reviews. (So be sure you have some reviews and some good ones! I help my clients with that part as well and teach staff how to ask for and get more patient reviews, EASILY!)

FYI if you have not yet, be sure to read yesterday’s blog post about even more radical changes Google is testing that could make local MUCH more prominent and push organic further down the page.

Google Radically Changing the Dental SEO Game with NEW Google Places Layout?

Hat tip and professional credit given to Mike Blumenthal who made the original discovery and blogged it here.

SIDE NOTE: I put my name on the images above to prove they are copyrighted! There is a NEW SEO that’s trying to break into the Dental market by copying everything I do and STEALING all my images, claiming they are his work and his results! PLEASE STOP! These images are copyrighted and can be used with permission only!
(If you are anyone else in the Dental industry and would like to blog this, please contact me, I’m always open to sharing.)