A few days ago I made a REALLY important post on my main blog, but didn’t get time to post it here until now. It’s super long and my carpal is killing, so just quoting a snippet.

Head over to read the whole thing but be sure to scroll down to the section where I explain the change in Dental categories and that fact that you can no longer list DENTAL PROCEDURE type keywords.

Critical Changes to Google Places Guidelines – Avoid Google Purgatory, Read Now

Why is this post so important? Because when Google makes changes to the Google Places Guidelines, however subtle they may be – it is almost always a precursor to a coming algo change that could result in your account being rejected or sent to “Google purgatory” which is even worse! If you don’t know about “Google purgatory”, see link at bottom of this post. :-(

I need to let you know about a RADICAL new change to Google’s rules that could mean that ALMOST EVERY GOOGLE PLACE PAGE I’ve ever seen is now breaking the rules.