Google has a MAJOR problem with loosing reviews, but they sometimes come back. For the past month Google has made numerous updates to their review process and TONs small businesses, including Dentists, have lost reviews and ranking as a result. Partly it’s just the Google ongoing review bugs but largely right now, it’s due to a new review spam algorithm that is killing honest reviews as false positives.

The problem is multi-faceted for Dentists.

1) The number of reviews is a ranking factor in the ‘old’ Google Places ranking algorithm. So if some or all of your reviews go missing, your ranking would drop too. (Things have changed somewhat however with the new Google Place Search merged algo.)

2) With the new Google algo that started launching on Oct. 27th, Google reviews are even more prominent and have a big impact on click-through rates and conversions for many companies.

3) If you’ve ever worked on building up your patient reviews you know they can be as precious and hard to get as gold bullion. Losing them HURTS Dentists at their core, in addition to their bottom line.

If you’ve lost Google reviews and Google Place rankings, please see the detailed info and resources list at my MAIN Google Places blog: Google Places: Missing Reviews Have Major Impact for Small Business Owners